The Chairman’s foreword

Four years ago, a group of businessmen and professionals who love Hong Kong and share similar values came together with the belief of “Business drives economy, Professionalism improves livelihood”. They aim to unite the strength of the business and professional community and offer suggestions to the long-term strategic development of Hong Kong, bringing prosperity and stability to their home city. Hence, Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong was founded.

In September, the BPA participated in the quadrennial Legislative Council Election for the first time. All seven contender lists were elected and seven candidates won their seats in the Legislative Council to serve the public. I hereby sincerely thank the businesspersons, professionals and the public for their support and recognition for us. All because of your care and appreciation, the BPA could grow rapidly during the past four years.

Fearless of challenges, the BPA will strengthen communication with the government and all parties, fulfilling our commitment to restore the constructive approach of the legislature. We continue to be down-to-earth, not only adopting an economic-based and livelihood-oriented principle, but also striking a balance between investment and employment. We also strive for creating new commercial opportunities, relieving the economic pressure of the middle class and promoting the social mobility of youngsters, so as to open a new scenario for Hong Kong and not to disappoint the great expectations of the public.

“Boundless is the ocean where we sail with the wind.” As a young political party with four-year development, the BPA will be committed to explore and nurture talents so as to strengthen our hands and pass a torch to a new generation. We will extend our district services to attract more youth engaging in public affairs and learning more about community and national development. Wish you would join us and build a brighter future for Hong Kong together!


Lo Wai-kwok

Chairman of BPA


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