The Executive Committee Chairman’s foreword

In this beautiful and invigorating autumn, the BPA celebrates its four-year-old birthday. Happy Birthday to the BPA!

In addition to the celebration of the new life coming to this world, we should be grateful and thankful to our confidants and friends for all their support and help during our continuous growth and learning process.

Since the establishment of the BPA four years ago, we have gone through countless memorable moments with the seven million Hong Kong people. There are moments of successes, twists and turns, laughter and tears; but other than those, we are still full of hope for the future.

Looking back on the development of Hong Kong, a small fishing port cannot become the “Pearl of the Orient” and bring forth today’s brilliance without the experience of wandering and struggle, the development of the Lion Rock Spirit of helping one another, sharing the ups and downs, and daring to fight for a brighter future. Today, Hong Kong’s economy is facing unprecedented challenges within the feeble global economic environment. Starting from zero, we should make more effort to regain confidence.

Being capable of firmly grasping the opportunities of the era is the successful way for Hong Kong. Today, we should seize the historic opportunities of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, “the 13th Five-Year Plan” and the “Made in China 2025” initiative by unleashing the unique regional role of Hong Kong as the “super-connector” and fully demonstrating “what the country needs, what Hong Kong is good at”, thus following the trend of development and playing the role as a pioneer of the era.

Experienced nearly 1,500 days and nights, today’s BPA still follows its original aspiration. Maintaining the innocence of a four-year-old child, the BPA hopes to make friends all around and listen to different views in order to serve the public in a practical way and voice for all walks of life, including the business circle, middle-class and grass roots.

We hope our friends to continue supporting us. Let us write a new poem for the new glory of Hong Kong together!


Peter LAM Kin-ngok

Chairman of Executive Committee


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