Hygiene and Healthcare Affairs Committee

Chairman: Pong Chiu Fai, Jeffrey

Committee Member:
Galam Cheung
Lau Chi Wan, Vanessa
Leung Ngai Cheung
Tsui Chi Leung
Ricky Chan
Tong Lai
Paul Lee
Kenneth Fu
Stephen Leung
Alan Lai


BPA established Hygiene and Healthcare Affairs Committee in October 2018, aiming at promoting development of medical and health affairs in Hong Kong, expressing views on hygiene and healthcare issues as well as a series of follow-up actions.

The committee is composed of the professionals related to medical and healthcare industry who work together to enhance the improvement of medical and healthcare system of Hong Kong.

After the establishment of the committee, the members submitted nine major suggestions to Chief Executive, including enhance collaboration between public and private healthcare providers under the Public-Private Partnership Programmes, and increase the attractiveness of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme, etc., in order to fulfill the goal of “Strengthen the healthcare system to achieve a healthy life” for Hong Kong people.


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