Vision and Mission

Serve the Community with Business Expertise and Wholehearted Effort

Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as ‘BPA’) was founded in October 2012 by individuals with similar ideals in the Business and Professional Sectors. As a political party representing the sectors with strong sense of commitment to Hong Kong, BPA has always upheld the belief of ‘Business Drives Economy, Professionalism Improves Livelihood(「工商帶動經濟、專業改善民生」)’ to serve as a bridge of communication between the public and the sectors. We unite the community so as to promote diversified development of Hong Kong. In the new era, BPA expressly proposes ‘Promoting Economy, Benefiting People’s Livelihood(「推經濟、惠民生」)’ as the current two major tasks of the Alliance. By constantly creating stronger impetus for growth of Hong Kong, we aim to solve the deep-rooted livelihood issues through economic development, as well as demonstrating the greatest value of Hong Kong in ‘One country, Two systems’.

With the great support from different sectors of society and over ten years of hard work, BPA has now developed into a mature and influential political party that brings talents from the business and professional sectors together. We aim to serve the public through different platforms, such as the National People’s Congress, the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, the District Council of Hong Kong and etc. BPA currently has 9 members in the Legislative Council, including Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen (Functional Constituency – Industrial [First]), LO Wai-kwok (Functional Constituency – Engineering), Jeffrey LAM Kin-fung (Functional Constituency – Commercial [First]), Priscilla LEUNG Mei-fun (Election Committee), Kenneth LAU Ip-keung (Functional Constituency – Heung Yee Kuk), Jimmy NG Wing-ka(Functional Constituency – Industrial [Second]), Sunny TAN (Functional Constituency – Textiles and Garment), Benson LUK Hon-man (Election Committee) and Louis LOONG Hon-biu (Functional Constituency – Real Estate and Construction). BPA has also established seven district branches (Central Kowloon, Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, New Territories East, New Territories West, Hong Kong Islands and the Southern District) and four professional affairs committees (Committee on Youth, Committee on Business, Committee on Hygiene and Healthcare and Committee on Tourism). We provide opinions and proposals for the long-term development of Hong Kong so as to promote the well-being of the public.

Promoting economy

Being an open economy, Hong Kong plays a unique role as an important gateway between Mainland China and other economies. In the face of uncertainties and challenges in the internal and external economies, BPA members work together to leverage the strengths of businessmen and professionals so as to actively provide opinions and proposals in various platforms with utmost sincerity and efforts. We help Hong Kong seize opportunities provided by major national policies, such as the National 14th Five-Year Plan, the Development of Greater Bay Area, the Belt and Road Initiative and etc. So that, Hong Kong, giving full play to its advantages, can contribute to the rapid development of Mainland China. This also creates opportunities for the industrial and business sectors to help the post-pandemic economic recovery and promote the development of pillar industries, namely financial services, logistics, innovation and technology, tourism and shipping. In order to constantly provide impetus for economy growth of Hong Kong, BPA members also work on strengthening Hong Kong’s role as an open economy by globally promoting its ideal business environment as a secure and opportunistic international metropolis.

Improving Livelihood

BPA, with its roots established in Hong Kong, has always attached great importance to serve the community with the advantages of the alliance’s business and professional services. We are committed to serving the public and improving their livelihood by implementing President Xi’s proposal of ‘respond actively to aspirations from the people of Hong Kong(「民有所呼,我有所應」)’ . With its seven branches covering different districts across Hong Kong, BPA strengthens the communications with District Offices to assist the HKSAR Government in improving governance at the district level. Our district councillors, district consultants and district officers effectively provide services to address people’s concerns and difficulties. Upholding the principle of ‘grounded, caring and close to the community(「貼地、貼心,貼近您」)’ in district work, we aim to enhance people’s sense of achievement, satisfaction and security.

Caring the youth

Being concerned about youth development, BPA is committed to offering opportunities for the youth so as to assist them in overcoming the hurdles in education, employment, entrepreneurship and housing. In recent years, BPA has proposed multiple policy initiatives to the HKSAR Government in support of youth development and various youth-oriented activities. With the constant support on youth career development, we aim to help the local youth integrate into the national development framework and contribute to Chinese modernisation.