Vision and Mission

We are a group of Hong Kong citizens who share similar values and philosophies on the governance of Hong Kong.  We, including 7 Legislative Council members (namely Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, Jeffrey Lam Kin-fung, Lau Wong-fat, Abraham Shek Lai-him, Christopher Cheung Wah-fung, Lo Wai-kwok and Priscilla Leung Mei-fun), several District Council members, professionals and representatives from different fields came together and formed ‘Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong’ in October 2012. We aim to create a sound foundation for the future of our next generation and to provide an effective communication channel connecting business and industry sectors, professionals and the general public.  Our goal is to drive forward Hong Kong’s economy through commercial and industrial development and to help improve people’s livelihood through our professionalism and dedication.  We will offer suggestions for the long-term strategic development of Hong Kong and for the well-being of the public.

Economic Development:

Uncertainties in the global environment and structural changes in our economy pose a challenge to Hong Kong’s competitiveness.  We care about Hong Kong’s long-term economic development and we follow the principles of a free market economy.  But we also believe that the government should be more proactive in facilitating economic development by maintaining a level playing field and a competitive environment in which businesses could thrive and prosper.  Innovation, technological advancement and support for small and medium enterprises form the core attributes of our strategic thinking in coping with the challenges ahead and in laying down a good foundation for Hong Kong’s sustainable development.

Improving Livelihood:

We look forward to representing the middle-class.  As in advanced economies, the middleclass is an important and formidable sector of our society that needs to be nurtured and encouraged.  A growing, thriving and burgeoning middle class is a safety valve to keep away social upheavals and public unrest.  It provides a powerful magnetic draw for people to move up the social ladder so that the society could become stronger and richer day by day. As tax payers, they make significant contributions towards the well-being of our society but they enjoy few welfare benefits. The time is now right for our Government to take a comprehensive review of how the middle class should and could be nurtured and encouraged in its public policies such as healthcare, housing, education, etc.

We believe that we could provide sensible suggestions on the way forward without causing an irresponsible drain on the public purse.  Our society is now faced with a real danger of social policies being overridden by populism.  BPA’s approach to social welfare policies is in line with the spirit of promoting self-reliance. We encourage assistance for the disadvantaged to help them become self-reliant but oppose any acts which seek to win votes but disregard the public interest.

Core Values:

We firmly embrace core values including freedom, democracy, rule of law and social justice. Under the framework of the One Country, Two Systems and Basic Law, we support universal suffrage for the election of the Chief Executive and all members of the Legislative Council in a gradual step by step way.

Policy Studies:

BPA’s team will support councilors at all levels to conduct their policy studies.  We should be pleased to cooperate with other political parties, groups and think tanks, with the aim to providing betterment for Hong Kong and to strengthening our participation and influence on policy formulation.  BPA will provide resource and administrative support to members in their service to the community.  By reaching out to the community, BPA hopes to improve our citizens’ quality of life.

BPA shares the same core values with you.  We do not only focus on today and tomorrow, but our next generation. We care about very deeply how Hong Kong will be in the next 10 years, and beyond.  We are committed to passing on the torch by nurturing political talents.

We listen carefully to the voice from all walks of life.  By sensible discussions and in-depth analysis to all policy issues, we seek cooperation with the government and interest groups with different political views in a pragmatic way.  We should strive for consensus despite differences, and pledge action with progress.

Your support is vital to the opening of a new scenario of Hong Kong and a better social environment!  Please support BPA!


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