Industrial and Commercial Affairs Committee

Chairman: Lam Hoi Cheung, Victor

Vice Chairman:
Wong Shu Ming
Galam Cheung
Lau Chi Wan, Vanessa

Committee Member:
Hui Siu Chung, Eddie
Pang Chun Sing, George
Tang Pui Yan, Stanley
Lee Lai Ting, Samson
Leung Siu Hang
Leung Chun Kit, Brandon
Pang Sze Man, Stephanie


Under the philosophy of “drive forward Hong Kong’s economy through commercial and industrial development and to help improve people’s livelihood through our professionalism and dedication”, BPA is committed to enhance the industrial and economic development of Hong Kong. To strengthen the connection with the business and industry sectors, BPA established the Industrial and Commercial Affairs Committee in October 2018, to hear the opinions of business and industry sectors and covey the views to the government.


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