BPA Launches Video on “Safeguard the Rule of Law – Support Police’s Impartial Enforcement”

It is now more than a month into the Occupy Central movement. Activities associated with civil disobedience have not only disrupted Hong Kong’s economy and people’s livelihoods but have also led to a polarized society. Police officers discharging their responsibilities have become convenient targets as they become increasingly subjected to violent confrontations, vitriolic abuse and defamatory allegations from radical protesters.


It goes without saying that the police are an integral part of our community and they deserve our full support and encouragement! As members of Hong Kong’s community, our police have stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow citizens in weathering through difficult times and contributed immensely to protecting lives and property in our city. They have managed to uphold the law in a fair, impartial, and professional manner regardless of the challenges and adversity at hand. Hong Kong’s longstanding reputation as the safest city in the world is built on the hard work and dedicated efforts of the men and women in our Hong Kong Police Force.


For the reasons detailed above, the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) today (November 6) launched a video entitled “Safeguard the Rule of Law – Support Police’s Impartial Enforcement” to honour the services and the contributions of our police officers. The video features regular citizens who express their thanks, support and encouragement to our police and Hong Kong – “We shall always stand by you!”



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