BPA Welcomes Commission of Inquiry on Tainted Water

The Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) welcomes the Government’s decision today (July 17) to set up a commission of inquiry to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation into lead contaminated water supply found in several public housing estates over the past weeks. The BPA believes that the commission, which will be chaired by a judge, will be able to determine the cause of contamination, establish culpability, evaluate the freshwater supply system and supervisory standards, and suggest solutions to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Dr. Lo Wai-kwok, BPA Vice Chairman and Legislative Councillor, agreed a thorough probe into the matter was needed. He urged the Government to decide quickly on the commission’s chairman and to appoint independent professionals as members. He also said that the Government should consider inviting overseas experts to join the commission if and when needed. He urged all departments involved to cooperate and assist fully with the commission in completing its investigation.

Dr. Lo did not rule out the possibility of calling for an investigation by invoking the Legislative Council’s Powers and Privileges Ordinance at a later point in time. The immediate task at hand should, however, be to ensure the quality of Hong Kong’s drinking water. The BPA has already suggested to the Government that it should install temporary water supply systems on the floors of affected buildings to reduce inconvenience to residents, especially the elderly. At the same time, the authorities should step up efforts in monitoring the quality of drinking water, and replace faulty pipes and plumbing fixtures where necessary to address concerns by and restore safe drinking water to affected residents.



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