BPA’s Celebrated Mother’s Day with Parent-child Cupcakes

To commemorate Mother’s Day, district councilors of BPA made cupcakes together with children to express filial love for mothers.

Colorful cupcakes have been a big hit among all age groups in Hong Kong these years. More than a month ago, Ms. Lo Wai-lan, district councilor of BPA already geared up for the parent-child cupcakes making event and invited neighbours to join. Over 300 children gathered in the town centre of Cho Yiu Place today (11 May 2013) to bake love-filled cupcakes. With the neighbours dancing and singing along. Dr. Lo Wai-kwok, vice chairman of BPA, performed ‘Praise the Parents’ with the saxophone and dedicated it to every mother. Following the first song, ‘the Moon Represents My Heart’ played by Dr. Lo brought the audience down with enjoying repeated encores.

Dr. Lo (1st Right) enjoyed much in being an accompanist while the neighbour sang ‘the Moon Represents My Heart’.

Ms. Lo Wai-lan observed that the event received an overwhelming response from the community. iBakery, a social enterprise of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, was invited to co-organise the event. iBakery was responsible for providing 300 sponge cakes, while BPA was responsible for leading the children to decorate their own cupcakes. Dr. Lo summarized that, “the event enables us to support social enterprise and serves as both a family and community event to celebrate Mother’s Day in a meaningful way.”
Children couldn’t wait to wear gloves and decorate their own cupcakes following a brief introduction of directions. After Alize, a south Asian child spread frosting and little stars onto a cupcake, the cupcake was finally done!

Dr. Lo couldn’t sit still while he saw the children fully focus on making their cupcakes. It was impressive that apart from his talent in playing various musical instruments, Dr. Lo demonstrated his potential in making cupcake. While making his own cupcake, Dr. Lo also took great care of those children, which made him an all-rounded role model.

Caring for the elderly of other families as we care for those in our own family. Dr. Lo expressed to the children that they should not only show their care to parents, but also care and respect all the elderly in society.

Ms. Lo Wai-lan added, “Mother’s Day does encourage us to express our filial love for moms. Besides, it reminds us to show our care to moms everyday.” Passion from the community has become Ms. Lo’s biggest motivation despite heavy workload throughout the whole month. She expressed her appreciation to the neighbors, especially to the officers and volunteers serving on the event.

The sweet and colorful cupcakes brought cheer and fun to the participants. BPA wishes all mothers happiness and good health.


Dr. Lo Wai-kwok and Ms. Lo Wai-lan wishes all mothers happiness and good health.


Dr. Lo Wai-kwok completed his cupcake in a professional manner by smoothly frosting it.


Flowers are an inevitable part of Mother’s Day. Dr. Lo Wai-kwok and Ms. Lo Wai-lan prepared 500 flowers for the children to express their love to moms.



Ms. Lo Wai-lan (middle, back row) and Dr. Lo Wai-kwok (2nd left) took a group photo with the kids before enjoying the delicious cupcakes.

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