BPA’s Response to Occupy Central

The Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) expresses deep sorrow over the clashes between the police and protesters caused by students and the Occupy Central movement. Hong Kong is our home and we find the latest events surrounding the protest to be most disturbing.

The BPA categorically opposes any acts that adversely affect public order in Hong Kong. There is nothing radical actions can offer to resolve problems. As responsible citizens, we should instead pursue rational dialogue, which is in Hong Kong’s best interests. The BPA urges different sectors of community to remain calm and rational, and to express demands in a peaceful and lawful manner.

The rallies and protests over the last two days have caused serious disruptions to daily routines and have gravely compromised social peace. The BPA calls on all protesters to disperse peacefully and return to their lives so that order can be restored as soon as possible.