BPA Cheer Up Party for HKDSE students

The results of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination are about to be released. Candidates sitting for the DSE are probably getting nervous. BPA held a Cheer Up Party for HKDSE students today (13th July). By orienteering, music performance and campfire gatherings, students were able to get mentally prepared for the result. Dr. Lo Wai-kwok, vice chairman of BPA and several representatives from BPA showed their support to the students. Over 200 students attended the event.

Dr. Lo Wai-kwok, vice chairman of BPA; Mr. Kevin Ho, CEO of BPA; Mr. Man Chen-fai, district councilor; Mr. Ho Tai-wai; Mr. Chan Cho-leung; Mr. Law Shun Chuen; Ms. Tong Po Chun; Mr. Lau Wai-Lun and all guests released the balloons. They wished the students have skyrocketed performances and bright prospects.

As the ‘cheer up ambassador’ in the programme, Dr. Lo sang Danny Chan’s ‘Drawing a Rainbow’ together with C Allstar as guest performers and played ‘Turn by Turns’ with the saxophone. He encouraged students to choose their own path by following their own interest. “There are lots of ‘dots’ in your life. Although it seemed the ‘dots’ do not relate to each other, life is comprised of fragmented pieces. Every experience has its meaning which keeps us moving forward. Therefore, you should be optimistic regardless of individual incidents of temporary success or failure, and draw your own rainbow.”

In the sharing section, Dr. Lo quoted a speech of Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, in his university graduation ceremony to encourage students never give up. “Steve Jobs was born to a single parent and blue-collared family. Yet he did not feel inferior because of his background, but kept striving towards the goal. He eventually established his own computer enterprise and became the godfather of technology,” he said. Dr. Lo supplemented that no matter how much students scored in the examination, students should identify their own vocations and talents. He also added “Life is full of doors and hope is all around.”

The aim of BPA’s youth policy is to promote upward mobility of young people. Dr. Lo said the Alliance will be organizing more activities for the teenagers, in order to equip them before entering into the job market. “This event does not only relieve the students from the stress, but also provides a platform for the student musical bands to show their talents. This event is also line with BPA’s direction to support youngsters in Hong Kong.” He also showed appreciation to the interns for coordinating the event, in which he was impressed by their energy and enthusiasm.

In the “BPA Cheer Up Party for HKDSE students,” the “hundred students throwing joss paper” was the most impressive section. Two hundred students made their wishes before the Wishing Tree. They wrote their wishes on the joss paper and threw them onto the tree. It also meant throwing away their pressure and facing the upcoming challenges.

In the afternoon, the participants relieved their pressure by orienteering; in the evening, the candidates enjoyed cheerful music performance and barbecued food; The day was concluded by a campfire coupled with dance, the activity was to build up strength among the participants to help them be prepared for the examination result positively. Several district councilors of BPA looked forward to the Alliance organising more activities and meet the needs of the communities.

Dr. Lo, sang Danny Chan’s ‘Drawing a Rainbow’ together with C Allstar with other guests, hoping to encourage students to strive their best in tough moments.

Students wrote their wishes on the toss paper and prayed for outstanding results.

Dr. Lo and the guests with their toss paper before the Wishing Tree and wished successful hanging onto the tree branches.


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