BPA moon cakes for the elderly

Mr Abraham Shek is full of praise for the BPA’s good quality and traditionally sized moon cakes as almost 1000 are distributed today to local residents.

It is Mid-Autumn Festival, time for family union and time for moon cakes. The Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) has a large quantity of moon cakes ready. In a community exercise today (September 14), BPA legislator Mr Abraham Shek, district council member Ms Tong Po-chun, and community affairs executive Mr Lee Tak-wah went to Sunshine City in Ma On Shan with stock in hand to share the blessing with the local residents.

In stock were close to 1000 moon cakes for the elderly. The good quality moon cakes, with two egg yolks and lotus paste, were specially ordered by the BPA, with a special packaging design. They are good festival stuff produced with good will at heart. The BPA Secretary General, Mr Shek, said he had tried the moon cake and was very impressed with its superb quality, with the paste soft and sweet and the yolks well-coloured and tasty.

He then compared the moon cakes to himself jokingly. He said: “We are both truly good stuff, the best of its kind, inside and out, and so I am the most suitable guy to be the spokesperson.”

BPA legislator Mr Abraham Shek (left), district council member Ms Tong Po-chun (middle), and community affairs executive Mr Lee Tak-wah(right) sending their best wishes to residents in Ma On Shan through the moon cake distribution exercise.
The moon cakes with two egg yolks and lotus paste, with packaging designed by BPA, are wonderful gifts for the festival.


Grandpa and a little girl have a share each.
Grandpa and a little girl have a share each.

Mr Shek said he was pleased to share the mooncakes with residents to show the Alliance’s goodwill. Overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, he reminded the elderly that they should refrain from eating too much each time given the high calory intake. He wished them a most enjoyable moon festival.

District council member Ms Tong Po-chun was no stranger to the BPA event. Together with fellow district colleagues she had distributed mooncakes to residents for many years. She said it was wonderful to provide good entertainment to residents and free mooncakes to the elderly. She thanked the shopping centre and volunteers for making the event a success.

With the support of residents, the stock of nearly 1000 mooncakes was taken up quickly. Of the elderly receivers, a Ms Suen said happily that the mooncakes on sale were expensive and in a box of four, which were prone to waste. Now with the free mooncake from the Alliance she did not need to buy on her own. A young girl, who accompanied her grandpa to the event, said she loved mooncakes with two egg yolks and lotus paste, adding that her whole family would share them on the day of the moon festival.