BPA Urges Protesters Against Defying Public Opinion

The civil disobedience movement that has lasted for more than two months is finally over. In abiding with the general public’s wish to restore social order, police assisted bailiffs in executing injunction orders to clear obstacles at the protest sites. The Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) calls on the protesters to respect and uphold the rule of law by putting an end to their unlawful activities.

The rule of law has always been a core value for Hong Kong and its people who also enjoy the freedom of speech and right of assembly. For more than two months, police have discharged their duties in a professional, tolerant and patient manner regardless of the provocative actions by radical protesters. The BPA believes that actions by the police to clear the protest sites are consistent with the intent of the injunctions and to safeguard law and order. As such, the law enforcement measures taken are proportional and appropriate.

The Occupy Movement triggered by the students’ class boycott has torn society apart and undermined social order. The economy has suffered as have law and order. The negative consequences of civil disobedience will be borne by all in Hong Kong.

We hope that with the conclusion of the Occupy Movement, order and normalcy will return to society. It is also imperative that we address issues that are at the root of social discontent, and to respond accordingly to young people’s pent-up grievances.

We also hope that everyone in Hong Kong will adopt positive, rational, and lawful means to push for political reform so that we can realize our aspirations for universal suffrage in 2017 when 5 million voters can participate in electing the next Chief Executive.


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