Dr Peter Lam, BPA Council Chairman, Responds to the Clearance of the Occupy Central Protest Sites

With the police removal of barricades at Admiralty close to being completed, this marks the closure of the illegal Occupy Central movement. Dr Peter Lam Kin-ngok, Council Chairman of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA), said on December 12 that the movement was driven mainly by social discontent, especially among the younger generation who were unhappy with their current status and grim prospects. Although he condemned the Occupy Movement, Dr Lam also called on the government and society to think of ways to resolve the problems faced by our youths. He suggested that social reconciliation should be one of the core undertakings going forward.

The Occupy Movement has caused severe disruptions to social order and brought inconvenience to our fellow citizens. However, Dr Lam believed the government and society should do some serious soul-searching. This would include devoting more attention to understanding issues behind the actions of our young people, their passions and idealisms, as well as their sense of injustice stemming from a widening wealth gap. He added that if radical confrontational movements were allowed to persist, this would give rise to further polarisation in society thereby undermining the political reform process. Dr Lam also encouraged young people to contribute their creative energies by leveraging on Hong Kong’s strengths to drive political and economical developments that were beneficial to improving people’s livelihood.

Dr Lam also hoped that the pro-establishment and pan-democratic camps could put aside their political differences to work together in resolving the current impasse.

Dr Lam said that the quick resumption of the rule of law, social reconciliation and the ongoing pursuit on political reform were integral to Hong Kong’s future success. Although the BPA is generally supportive of the Government and its policies, it has always maintained the principle of objectivity and shall continue to monitor and raise questions on the work of the government in accordance with ongoing practice.


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