Question – Development of Hong Kong as an international asset management centre (Christopher Cheung)

The Financial Secretary mentioned in the Budget of this year that to strengthen its position as a premier international asset management centre, Hong Kong would provide relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, and a clear and competitive tax environment with a view to attracting more funds of various types to base in Hong Kong.

Adjournment Motion – Cyber Security (Jeffrey Lam)

President, the recent reports about Edward SNOWDEN have aroused great concern in society. If his allegations are found to be substantiated, many major strategic resources facilities in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) and Satellite Remote Sensing Receiving Station, might have been hacked by the National Security Agency of the United States.

Speech – Building a safe city (Lo Wai-kwok)

President, as some urban facilities in the territory have been ageing, and certain ordinances and measures relating to safety regulation have failed to make amendments to keep up with the times, many hidden safety hazards have arisen, and various kinds of accidents may occur, resulted in property loss and even heavy casualties.