BPA Inauguration Ceremony – Speech by Mr. Andrew Leung, Chairman of BPA

Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive, the Honorable Mr. Leung Chun Ying, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government, the Honorable Mr. Lin Wu, ladies and gentlemen and friends. Welcome to today’s cocktail reception celebrating the establishment of the Hong Kong Business and Professionals Alliance.

At this critical time Hong Kong is constantly confronted by people with twisted values and a warped world view. As we struggle in an era of chaos and bitterness, it is completely understandable that our society feels trapped and in a no-way-out situation. At the same time, our young people feel hopelessly restless.

Ever since Hong Kong reverted to the motherland 15 years ago, the interests of the city have been well cared for and protected by the Central Government. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s people have been extremely diligent, working hard for themselves and the city to bring sustainable economic growth for the sake of all.

Today we are faced with unstoppable technological advancements, the deepening of the US-European economic crisis, the worsening of the international political and economic situations and a globalised economy. Being bombarded by these changes and challenges means that Hong Kong’s ability to adapt and innovate is constantly tested.

The cacophony of populist rhetoric has smothered the voice of reason. Like a little boat drifting out to sea, Hong Kong has experienced some most extraordinary adventures over the past 15 years, and yet it’s still adrift and unable to see any shoreline on the horizon.

The establishment of the Hong Kong Business and Professionals Alliance is precisely timed to tackle the challenges of this period. A group of friends and I deeply believe that the economy is at the core of politics and people’s livelihood is the foundation of democracy in any society. No matter how fierce and intense a conflict, ultimately we still need to reach a consensus. We can’t avoid this final destination. In any society we often find a small group of people who like to grandstand in an attempt to gain the applause of an audience. But the majority of citizens are still reasonable and rational. We believe there’s a silver lining behind every cloud and after every sunset there is a sunrise.

In October, some friends and I, who share the same aspirations as we all love Hong Kong and care about its future, got together and formed this Alliance. Members are mostly professionals, coming from industry and commerce as well as the financial sector. Many members have been involved in district work for many years. We have the combined strengths and capabilities of a wide range of talented people, and we hope this will help set the robust foundation for our next generation. Following our motto – “Business stimulates economy-professionalism improves livelihood” – we hope to contribute to the long-term development of Hong Kong and genuinely improve the lives of our citizens. We sincerely hope to contribute in any way we can.

Like everyone else in this great city, the Hong Kong Business and Professionals Alliance loves Hong Kong. Our members embrace and cherish its core values. We have our eyes on not only today or tomorrow but also the future that will affect our children and future generations. We are concerned about the Hong Kong of the next 10, 20 years and beyond. We will proactively groom the next generation of political talent so that we can pass the baton to them. We will formulate long-term plans and expand our services to benefit more people, going amongst them to be of service. We will do our best to win the people’s support while speaking for the middle class, which has remained silent but rational.

The Alliance will be guided by the principle of focusing on the economy and working with the people and for their livelihood. We will also give attention to an array of priority issues such as investment, employment, promoting democracy and creating business opportunities. We hope to foster communication between academics and the business sector. We are more than happy to act as a liaison to bridge the gap between the government and the public. We are willing to work with other political parties, organisations and think tanks for the overall well-being of Hong Kong.

Every member of the Alliance and I understand that the future of Hong Kong will not always be smooth sailing. But we will remain vigilant and proactive, unafraid to tackle the toughest problems and do whatever we can to right the wrongs. We will remain well grounded and strong willed and have our eyes on only one target, and will not retreat and recoil in the face of confrontation and conflict.

In order to create a new landscape and build an ideal social environment for Hong Kong, we need your support. We ask every one of you to give us a hand in this massive and meaningful mission. Thank you!



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