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Universal pension plan would create more problems than it fixes (Jeffrey Lam)

With an ageing population and a declining workforce in Hong Kong, any universal pension scheme will place a huge financial burden on young people. It seems ironic that, on the one hand, some are calling for such a scheme because the population is ageing fast and many old people will have no one to take care of them…

Ice bucket craze makes serious splash (SCMP)

On the surface, the Ice Bucket Challenge appears to be just another social-media-induced craze. Yet the global campaign has helped shine a light on people suffering from a rare and incurable degenerative illness that affects about 300 people in Hong Kong.

Camps split on candidate limits for 2017 election (SCMP)

Beijing loyalists and business groups want cap on number of chief executive nominees, but pan-dems say it will screen out popular choices.

SCMP Debate on electoral reform (SCMP)

Every Hong Kong voter will get to cast a ballot in the 2017 chief executive election. But what say will they have in nominating candidates? For second part of the Post’s debate series on electoral reform, we asked politicians, business leaders and academics for the best way to select candidates.


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