BPA website keeps the public posted

A group of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) members has staged a publicity blitz to mark the launch of the Alliance’s website today (January 30).

Dressed in their uniform T-shirt with the QR Code, BPA Legislative Council members Mr Andrew Leung, Mr Lau Wong-fat, Mr Jeffrey Lam, Mr Abraham Razack, Mr Christopher Cheung, Dr Lo Wai-kwok and Dr Priscilla Leung showed up together in the Legislative Council Chamber to promote the new website at www.bpahk.org.

Using smart phones to browse at the legislators’ QR Code will result in automatic connection with the “Useful Tips” section of the BPA website.

Chairman Mr Andrew Leung said the Alliance strived to keep pace with the society and modern innovation. “Given the popularity of smart phones and the convenience of QR Code, it’s high time we made it easier for the public to approach us through the new media,” he said.

The Alliance is prepared to use different kinds of the new media to promote public awareness of its latest development. “We will move beyond the traditional boundary of a business political group and reach out for the general public. Apart from this website, we will also use the social networking website Facebook and new media like YouTube to publicise our ideas and political platform,” Mr Leung said.

The latest postings on the “Useful Tips” page are all practical advice for our daily life. Mr Andrew Leung shows how we can change to new electrical appliances at a bargain. Mr Jeffrey Lam shares ideas on dressing up in suits. Mr Christopher Cheung dispenses with investment ideas for this new year. On the hot topic of property ownership, Mr Abraham Razack gives advice on the purchase of second-hand flats; Dr Lo Wai-kwok provides easy-to-follow guidance on flat inspection. As far as new year recreation is concerned, Mr Lau Wong-fat names three good travel destinations in Tuen Mun, whereas Dr Priscilla Leung shows the attraction of various promenades of Hong Kong. Educational and entertaining, the section is really a mini encyclopedia on city life which puts together the collective wisdom of the BPA legislators.

The website contains a wealth of BPA information. Apart from the latest news, it also allows access to the policy research and reports, speeches and LegCo Questions  of BPA legislators as well as their articles on different issues. For details, please visit www.bpahk.org.