Speeches & Questions of the Council

Speech – Promoting Hong Kong’s economic restructuring (Andrew Leung)

I believe Honourable colleagues would not disagree that economic restructuring is essential and the problem is how it should be implemented. Today, I will discuss this issue from my perspective as a member of the industrial sector. Over the past few years, members of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong

Speech – Promoting Hong Kong’s economic restructuring (Jeffrey Lam)

President, the monotonous industrial structure in Hong Kong has always been the subject of criticism. To ensure the sustainable development of the economy, we have to continue to give full play to our competitive edge, support the traditional pillar industries and help them to upgrade and transform; on the other hand, we must also explore

Question – Measures to enhance lift safety (Lo Wai Kwok)

In an accident earlier this month in which a lift dropped suddenly, all four suspension cables of the lift involved had snapped, and its safety protection system had not functioned as designed to stop the lift from dropping.

Question – Assistance to Trawler Vessel Owners and Local Deckhands (Jeffrey Lam)

The legislation banning trawling in Hong Kong waters (trawl ban) came into operation on December 31, 2012. Affected trawler vessel owners and local deckhands employed by them are entitled to ex-gratia allowances (EGA) and one-off grants.

Speech – Ensuring Occupational Safety (Lo Wai Kwok)

President, with the facilitation of employers, employees and the Government over the years, the occupational safety of the construction industry in Hong Kong has seen great improvement.

Speech – Implementing dual universal suffrage (Priscilla Leung)

President, the political deadlock in the past two decades or so caused stagnant constitutional development. It is all about trust after all.

Speech – Implementing dual universal suffrage (Lo Wai Kwok)

President, regarding the implementation of dual universal suffrage, there are diverse public views and no consensus has yet been reached on any specific proposal. Since the reunification in 1997, Hong Kong has experienced lots of controversies over our constitutional development.

Question – Mainland pregnant women giving birth in Hong Kong (Jeffrey Lam)

The number of cases of “doubly non-permanent resident pregnant” (DNRP) women giving birth in Hong Kong has been increasing year after year. As a result, Hong Kong’s healthcare services are under great pressure, and problems such as insufficient school places have also surfaced one after another.

Question – Competitiveness of Hong Kong’s travel and tourism industry (Abraham Shek)

According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011, Hong Kong had an overall ranking of 12 among 139 countries and places in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index in 2011, which is two places behind Singapore.

Question – Crimes in relation to social networking on Internet (Lau Wong Fat)

Making acquaintances on the Internet has become increasingly common. It has been reported that there is an increasing number of lawbreakers who made female acquaintances (with quite a number of them being underage girls) through social networking websites, then swindled and threatened them, and even sexually assaulted them.


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