Speeches & Questions of the Council

Question – Fire safety measures of old buildings (Priscilla Leung)

Under the Fire Safety (Building) Ordinance (Cap. 572), the authorities may issue Fire Safety Directions (Directions) to require the owners or occupiers of composite and domestic buildings to improve, by a specified date, the fire service installations (including the installation of automatic sprinkler systems) and fire safety construction (including the provision of fire resisting construction) for the parts of their properties intended for non-domestic purposes.

Question – Occupy Central movement (Jeffrey Lam)

It has been reported that some scholars have initiated the Occupy Central movement, one of the actions of which is to call for more than 10 000 people to block the roads in Central next year (the road occupation action), with the intent to force the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Central Government to accept the proposal for universal suffrage recognised by these people.

Speech – Formulating a population policy (Priscilla Leung)

President, I remember that the surge of Hong Kong’s property prices was discussed at the beginning of the last term. At that time, public opinions generally considered the large number of rich Mainlanders who bought properties in Hong Kong as the main culprit.

Speech – Facing up to the aspirations of the people participating in the march on 1 July (Priscilla Leung)

President, I do not agree with Dr LAM Tai-fai to cancel the public holiday on 1 July, nor do I agree with Mr Charles Peter MOK that no more processions and demonstrations would be held if there is dual universal suffrage.

Speech – Facing up to the aspirations of the people participating in the march on 1 July (Christopher Cheung)

Deputy President, on Monday 1 July, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets under Typhoon Signal No. 3. They braved the gusty wind and battering rain only to express their opinions about the performance of Chief Executive LEUNG Chun-ying in various aspects in the past year since he took office and voice their aspirations.

Question – Development of Underground Spaces (Jeffrey Lam)

Following is a question by the Hon Jeffrey Lam and a written reply by the Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan, in the Legislative Council today (July 3): Question: The Chief Executive has mentioned in the 2013 Policy Address that Hong Kong can examine the development of underground spaces as a source of land supply.

Speech – Formulating a population policy (Lo Wai-kwok)

President, the SAR Government has all along failed to formulate any overall development strategy on population, rendering it hard to undertake long-term planning in many aspects. To be fair, it is not that the authorities do not notice the problems, and some corresponding actions have been taken.

Question – Education for students with special educational needs (Abraham Shek)

Regarding education for students with special educational needs (SSEN), will the Government inform this Council…

Question – Development of Hong Kong as an international asset management centre (Christopher Cheung)

The Financial Secretary mentioned in the Budget of this year that to strengthen its position as a premier international asset management centre, Hong Kong would provide relevant legal and regulatory frameworks, and a clear and competitive tax environment with a view to attracting more funds of various types to base in Hong Kong.

Motion under the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance – Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Limited (Andrew Leung)

President, as the incident of the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Limited (HKMEx) involves a Member of the Executive Council, we are all very concerned about it…


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