BPA brings fun to Tai Po in Chinese New Year

To enhance the festive atmosphere of the Year of the Snake, three members of the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) today (February 12) showed up in Tai Po as the Chinese legendary God of Good Fortune, the God of High Rank and the God of Prosperity and distributed “lai-see” (red packets) to passers-by at the Tai Po Market MTR Station.

The men of good luck included Legislative Council member Dr Lo Wai-kwok, Tai Po District Council member Mr Lo Sou-chour and community affairs executive Mr Chow Ping-him. Their lai-see was gold coins of chocolate, signifying BPA’s bring best wishes to the public in the new Chinese year.

“May you be blessed with good fortune like the EasternSea, and longevity like     the Southern Mountain,” as the Chinese saying goes. Apart from wealth and a long life, the Chinese traditional blessings also put great emphasis on climbing up the social ladder, and so comes the common aspiration of getting a job promotion. Hence the BPA team’s decision: dressing up in the celestial costume of these gods and bringing fun, fortune and happiness to the community.

Their good intentions and good acts were well received.

Dr Lo Wai-kwok, in his new identity as the God of Good Fortune, had great success in cheering up his fans.  He even evolved into the God of Songs, repeating Sam Hui’s Canto pop classic “Here comes the Money God”. Not surprisingly, his eloquence was a result of practice rather than sheer luck, as singing is his favorite pastime.

Dr Lo said that following the success of the BPA stall in the Sha Tin Chinese New Year Fair, they would like to have more fun-sharing activities with the public and so they had come to the Tai Po neighborhood.

“We will continue to reach out to residents in different districts and provide services according to actual circumstances and public needs,” he said.

Posing as the God of Prosperity and the God of Longevity, Mr Lo and Mr Chow also drew a big crowd that wanted to take pictures with them and, naturally enough, to get a fair share of their lai-see as well!


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